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How to install pi-hole on your Raspberry Pi – Part 1

The Pi can be used for many useful things. A useful use for many users is to install the pi-hole software. With this tool it is possible to disable advertising in a complete network. This means that even in smartphone apps or websites, ads will be no more visible anymore.

Disabling ads has advantages and disadvantages. Advertising is necessary to finance services or websites. On the other hand, hidden costs can be incurred or malware can be distributed via advertising banners. It should be up to you to decide what you will do.

To get startet you need a Raspberry pi running on a Linux distribution like ubuntu-mate. After opening your bash you can simply use the following command to download your necessary files and start the installation:

sudo curl -sSL | bash
Termin window with installation

After a beautiful installation screen you will be led to the next dialogue where you can adjust some of the settings. Most of the settings can be applied as they already are. If you did everything right, you will get to the last dialogue where you will be told the password and the ip for your web login.

Installation Complete dialogue in Terminal window
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