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How to install pi-hole on your Raspberry Pi – Part 2

pi-hole dashboard

In the second part of my Pi-hole tutorial i will explain how to use the web UI of pi-hole.

If you haven’t red my previous post I would recommend you to read the first part to know how to set up pi-hole. But if you are just interested in how to use the UI you are welcome to just go ahead.

You can access the UI with your browser by using the ip of your Pi and adding “/admin” on the end. In my case it was “”. After connecting to that address you can immediately see some of the UI elements, showing some graphs. I would recommend first to login before doing anything else.

If you forgot your password you can create a new one by using your command line by typing the following command:

sudo pihole -a -p
Creating new password

After you logged into your admin page you will a lot of options to analyze the data that passes through your pi-hole

Pi-hole dashboard as normal user

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