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What is Devops

The DevOps concept integrates corporate culture, automation and platform design to increase business value and responsiveness through high-quality, accelerated service delivery.

DevOps is a combination of “development” and “operations”, but stands for a whole series of ideas and practices that go far more, whether individually or together. The approach also integrates security, collaborative collaboration, data analysis and many other aspects.

DevOps describes approaches to accelerating the process of handling ideas in software development from the development phase through to implementation in a production environment. These approaches require regular communication between development and operations teams as well as empathy-based collaboration. It also requires scalability and flexible deployment. With DevOps, resources are available where they are most needed, through self-service and automation. Close collaboration between developers and the rest of the IT operations team accelerates software builds, testing and release – without sacrificing reliability.

Of course, this also means more frequent code changes and more dynamic use of the infrastructure. Traditional management strategies are not suitable for these requirements. So to stay competitive, you need to make some changes.


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